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what's the big idea?

From video production and designing your digital front door to ad creation and social media marketing - and everything in between - Indivi does it all. 

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video production

What we do: voice overs, scripting, animation, storyboarding, pre-production planning, on-set production, post-production editing, placement and publishing ... & more.

Video work

Video work

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website creation

What we do: web design, content creation, site management, analytics reporting, maintenance, refreshes, SEO ... & more. 

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ads & print collateral

What we do: ad development, creative design, content writing, campaign management, print coordination, placements ... & more.

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social media marketing

What we do: creative direction, content writing, creative design, ad trafficking, analytics reporting, static + carousel + video ads ... & more.

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ready to get to work?

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